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(popfile) Horzine Hospitality A2fix

A redone update and advanced mission for mvm_condemned

Horzine is not pleased with how boring and easy their zeds were last time, so shared some of his stems and stimpacked all of them, this led to a decrease in zombie count and less but more brutal waves thou.

effectively an update for horzine_holocaust, but redone to the point it barely feels connected. So I'm posting it as a separate download to keep the old version for keepsakes.

Influences custom icons made from GIMPed edits of valve ones, also the atomizer off tf2's wiki.
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  1. Does anyone even read this?

    --Removed the commented out code that messed with the poploader, that's it, I don't know if i have to heart to keep working on this. Now the mission is set to be judged by Potato's once again, what will I be chastised for this time? --The...
  2. 'beatable' Update?

    //--changelog V3: //fixed major syntex errors //most robots that had resists don't have them anymore, or it is greatly reduced //Short Curcuit Engies (EDAR's) now have reduced firerate, but deal more damage. This should help shank their...
  3. removed unused icons