poopsteel A1

yea b babey

  1. FloofCollie
    I attempted Steeltype for this microcontest! My first steeltype. A mistake. Suuuuuper messy brushwork. And the Microcontest challenge was to fit the entire map into an area of 4096 x 4096 x 2048, so some parts just got smushed.
    Has 4 points.

    A - Capping A opens a door to lowground on D, and gives Blu access to a lobby that connects to B.
    B - Capping B opens doors in the lobby that exit close to D's Control Point.
    C - Capping C extends a bridge to D and opens a door to a ledge that gives them equal height to the point. It also closes off Red's direct route to said ledge.
    D - capping D at any point wins Blu the game. Hangs suspended above a deathpit, initially connected only to Red spawn.

    I tried some funky layout ideas, like giving Red a single spawnroom directly above D (for coolness and to help with steeltype routing issues), and the whole thing is messy as HELL as a result but I think it's produced some ideas that I can use in a more polished map. I'm also fairly happy with the navigation, as it's much simpler than I was worried about (apart from Red spawn).

    Something I had planned to have was Red's spawnroom being a clean circular shape, with windows overlooking each point, and the whole map. Sadly I didn't get to implement this but I'd love to give it another shot if I rebuild.

    Thanks as always to 14bit for hosting the Microcontests! This one ran quite a long way overtime due to the logic troubleshooting I had to do but they were kind enough to allow me a generous extension.