Poison Island (possibly placeholder name)

Poison Island (possibly placeholder name) A4

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Added a torch that creates another route upwards.
Added more space to the area around the doorway of the boxes room and added piping that lets you move to the side of it.
Lots of minor stuff, fixes and optimization.
Added more ammo and adjusted some areas to help out engineers
Made a couple of things to make moving around certain areas easier/more appealing of a way to go.
Fixed the moving platform on one side
info_observers added, some that show the various points of the map and 2 that show you from the "eyes" of the robots around the track
Other minor stuff/adjustments
A2 changes:

Another set of barrels in mid to help less mobile classes get up.
Bigger spawns with another door.
More/edited player clips to help with movement around some props.
Lots of minor changes/resizing and such.