Pogger A8c

A tweak to the CTF formula set in a watery gravel mine.

  1. Paper_
    In this CTF map, picking up the intel closes off one of the escape routes (as long as the intel is being held). This map takes a bit of inspiration from ctf_chin with the usage of a one-way dropdown.

    I made the A1 of this map over the course of several streams on my YouTube channel. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and gave their input on the map during that time.

    Special thanks to Konclan/Afro Melon for the blue variant to the red 2fort metal fence.

    20200123130712_1.jpg 20200123130735_1.jpg 20200123130620_1.jpg 20200123130751_1.jpg 20200123130845_1.jpg 20200123130915_1.jpg 20200123131016_1.jpg 20200123131044_1.jpg 20200123131114_1.jpg