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Plywood A3

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Plywood A3

A king of the hill map with a simple layout, but the best one I made so far. Mind the train.

My best koth map so far.
I hope to make some changes based on playtesting, but playing it with bots was fun. The cap time for the point isn't that long and there is a flank from both sides.
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 3

    -added detailing -replaced sewer with cave -changed the paths around the point -moved the spawns backward and added a train warning
  2. minor fixes

    clipped the train tracks changed the skybox to playerclips in some areas
  3. Alpha 2

    -Made the map less bright because I waited for 2,5 hours to playtest it AND IT GOT SKIPPED FOR BEING TOO BRIGHT, come on. -Minor clipping fixes