Plight A3

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Plight A3

Standard a/d cp map from a mapper who normally makes crazy things

2 cp a/d map with a planned desert theme. Or maybe alpine. I don't know it's in alpha.
Digaag Wa Riz
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

Latest updates

  1. More segmented routes - major layout change on last

    -Changed up the geometry near last, RED not able to fire directly on the point from spawn door -Created one way door in the tunnel that lets out behind last to give BLU an incentive to use that path -Added more signs -Removed the tunnel under...
  2. Less routes and more windows

    -Sniper balcony near last has been removed as well as the stairs meant to block the sightline from it. -The back route leading to the old sniper balcony has been removed -Removed the empty room near the old sniper balcony -Windows added near...