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Multi Stage Platform Alpha 11a (Stage 1)

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this time I tried using reference images
new stuff before what was A
Reversion to geometry from before Alpha 5
Changed last somewhat and A just a bit
new everything
you don't need to know what changed, think of this as for a retest
more accurate shape!
Hopefully made RED spawn less spawncampable by adding a third exit
Made a bridge over the track near second
Added some more nooks and crannies
That one-way door now doesn't let you go both ways before A is capped
Clipped staircase near that one-way door
Added platform lore
Blocked a sightline into BLU spawn
made changes to BLU spawn and the area outside it
made slight changes to last's geometry
added more pickups
platform's headlights now function
Made lighting much more pleasing to the eye
blu gets a forward spawn after b
platform now has better collisions