pl_yeswhere _a2b

In a stroke of inspiration at the stroke of midnight came the name "yeswhere".

  1. Varrick
    Version: _a1a
    Honestly a cool idea, the beginning area has a very "gold rush-ish" feel as its a little cramped getting through that first area and i played it 3 times and started to get a pretty good grasp of the map. from these first couple of playtests with bots, they got stuck on a few areas and on the third cap they kept trying to get into the resupply area, which i assume there is an NPC Clip there and its just the nav mesh acting up as it does quite a bit lmao (i know from experience). Over all i like the feel of the map from the first few playtests. Although my only complaint is that i got stuck like 3 times from the cart pushing me into a prop or the ground and crushing me because of the "cage" around the cart, My only thought would be to raise the top of the cage by like 16 or so units, anything higher seems a bit extreme. Over all very good for its beginning stages, 4.1/5 easily.