pl_walkingbread Concept Art 2021-12-19

A kaiju-themed payload map concept

  1. Chickenman456

    One of my most desired additions to the game would be the inclusion of more maps that take place in a city environment. In this map, BLU team pushes the bomb cart (a retro Japanese truck) down the streets of Tokyo to foil a kaiju attack.

    I don't have enough knowledge to actually execute this idea, but I thought it was a cool enough concept to at least illustrate.

    This is my very first 72 Hour Jam, and I had lots of fun brainstorming under the time limit. Thank you to the tf2maps staff for the opportunity!

Recent Reviews

  1. Hellnickell
    Version: 2021-12-19
    i love the bread monster's design
  2. JubJubWebus
    Version: 2021-12-19
    super cool image