pl_tiftid_mc16 _a1

why the fuck did I waste fourteen hours of my life making a worse version of pl_yeswhere

  1. Tiftid
    If you thought pl_yeswhere was gimmicky and tiresome, you haven't seen nothin' yet, mate!
    Since the restriction of this microcontest barely restricted me at all, I quickly got bored of it and started thinking about things that really interest me, like "how can I make it so that BLU gets to spawncamp after capping A without automatically getting to cap B as a result?"
    Results are inconclusive about that one, by the way. That's what I'm making 14bit test it for! :)

    (shoutouts to 14bit for hosting cool and creative microcontests, testing every map submitted for them with great patience and giving insightful feedback on each one)

    I will not continue this map. It's not going to be good and I have no reason to try to make it so when Yeswhere is so much closer to being good already.


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