pl_thetriz_mintfcon A4D

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pl_thetriz_mintfcon A4D

my entry for tfconnect microcontest (unfin ver for testing)

not much to say now, gonna chage this when i make my final submission
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Latest updates

  1. A4D

    - Flank route on A is now a oneway for blu - Moved around some of the props at B so people dont get caught up on them less - D has been shrunk down and d point has been moved back - Path to E has been shrunk down and has some new sightline...
  2. A3f

    -no caps in the name this time, so i should crash peeps -B& C have bee redesigned -b was moved slightly close to a & c to help with scaling & walktimes -red startingf spawn spawn was slightly moved -added a block bullets to the middle of the cart...
  3. A2ea

    @SteveN was running thru the level and found some of the hazrad tape decals at the one way doors, where either gone or not rendering, that is now fixed - added backa couple of missing decals - addeed a door that blocks the oneway to C (was...