pl_sunsetbaytown A12_A

A Payload map that takes place alongside and through an oceanside town.

  1. Illius
    [Name Pending]

    My first map, where BLU pushes a cart alongside and through a sea-side town, complete with Lighthouse and mid-town Clocktower.

    What is it?
    A 4 point, Single Stage Payload map traversing through this town.
    Point A: A quick bend around the road that follows the sea, just before a major tunnel/building, with a couple of buildings for cover.
    Point B: The cart goes through the tunnel, however there is a large building to one side that connects all the main routes through the area, and an overhead area that gives a large height advantage, and directly connects to the next area; a lighthouse that the cart rounds about.
    Point C: A thin road with a building on each side.
    Point D: A large plaza that revolves around a clocktower towards the middle, with the road climbing up it. The cart rounds the clocktower before being dropped inside the tower itself.

    Closing Words:
    Well as I said before, this is my first map (and I am still relatively new to the sight so apologies if this seems over-formal or such), but would appreciate any feedback.

    And if you're looking this up a special thanks to you!

    BLU Spawn:
    Point A:
    Tunnel to Point B:
    Connected Building to Point B:
    Point B Lighthouse:
    Point B Boathouse:
    Point B:
    Middle of Road to Point C:
    Building to Point C:

    Point C:
    Point D:
    Point D Back Area:
    Final Cap:

Recent Updates

  1. Massive Change to D
  2. Some Route Changes
  3. RED Buffs