Asym2 pl_snowaleen a3

Snow! Bombs! Headless Horseless Headman! What is this madness!?

  1. Startacker!
    Payload! My worst nightmare!
    Nah just kidding.
    Welcome to Snowaleen! A winter themed Halloween map, yup, you heard me, Halloween in November/December/Any other inferior month!

    20161130193109_1.jpg 20161130193118_1.jpg 20161130193125_1.jpg 20161130193132_1.jpg 20161130193142_1.jpg 20161130193149_1.jpg 20161130193157_1.jpg

    Special thanks to @Exactol for the rad as hell control point particles that SHOULD be packaged properly!

Recent Updates

  1. It sucks a little less
  2. Fixes!
  3. Ammo, packing, etc