pl_sakura A3

A payload map set in a snowy, nighttime Japanese village

  1. Height variation

    I've raised up the last point, stopping the whole top area from being so flat and open at points. There are currently three routes up there, to stop the main ramp being so chokey. I have also tweaked the lighting slightly to make it a little less bright around the buildings.
    All and any feedback is greatly appreciated! I will be trying to redo the cave, so ideas about their current state are also very helpful.
  2. Clipping + lighting

    This update brings:
    *Improved lighting throughout the map, now slightly brighter and more consistent through the map.
    *Improved clipping greatly, especially atop buildings
    *Added two more areas to help access the rooftops, meaning that the high ground is accessible for all classes and both teams
    *Added some health and ammo packs around the map

    As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated!