pl_rattlesnake a14

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added a new point where the cart door opens

added a staircase up to the first red spawn from the other side of the cart door

added a catwalk to counter sniper the filthy reds on their base

made the billboard not silly
-removed cactus
-made the mid building staircase simple and less inconvenient
-added support to floating buildings
-changed more things
changed the layout area of blu's first spawn to help with a nasty sightline

removed the roof area high ground part in the first cart building

added a door to the last pit

changed the lighting and skybox
changes, like last and stuff
-added more track between the 1st and 2nd point to help defend
-added a 2nd blu forward spawn when the 2nd point is capped
-removed the window in the wood building on the big flank and added a dropdown
-changed the rock and ground textures to give a little different feel
-adjusted the sun color
-changed the cart door design
-rearranged ammo and health
-removed the flank one way door to last [the goal is to lead blu around and on the cart path and get more people to use the big flank to last]
-the one way door in the mid building will now open when B is capped instead of when the cart door is opened
-made the red shed near A into a small building that you can go in
-removed the crate and pallet near the wood wall into last
-lowered the last big flank so its hard or impossible for blu to jump into the red spawn catwalk
did good compile instead of fast, oops
-fixed blu's forward spawn again
-rearranged a few health and ammo packs
-made the corner door route only open when the 2nd point is capped
-added a new doorway to the gray building near last
-fixed blu sometimes spawning in their 2nd spawn before the door is active
-removed a few ammo packs around last
-re added a red spawn door for their 2nd spawn and somewhat closed off the blu cliff route on last to reds spawn
-removed the little room in the first cart building and replaced it with a platform where engineer can make their nests and raise their young
-added a new exit to blu's 2nd spawn
-health and ammo packs before the 1st point will not vanish after the 1st point is capped to try and help prevent spawn camping flank bros
-make the box against the wood wall that made sentries act retarded
-fixed rock lighting in the blu start area
-added a few new one way doors in the mid building to try to prevent blu from rolling, the doors will open when the big cart door opens
-removed the medium health kit outside reds first spawn
-added a full health kit by the cliff on the flank route to the right side of last, this will hopefully try to encourage using the route, or be used as bait for pyros
-other changes that i forgot

Thanks for all the feedback -weener
-removed the old forward spawn and replaced it with 2 new ones for both teams
-blu now gets a forward spawn when capping the first point instead of the second
-added a fence to the top area on last to block snipers
-removed the fence in the right side of reds last spawn area
-moved the boom boom pit away from the wall a little bit
-removed on of reds exit doors from spawn (suggestion from Yeti)
-modified the cliff route on the left of reds last spawn to be more safe and encourage usage
-made the starting area look less like cactus canyon