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pl_pigzit72 a4v9

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Added new way to attack D
-Water on D no longer damages
-Water on D is much lower
Adjusted security fence between A and D
-Security fence no longer blocks to the skybox
-Security fence now deals damage on the barbed wire
Adjusted corridors and flanks on C and D
Changed certain sizes of health and ammo around B and C
Adjusted many textures across the maps
Moved certain props around
Adjusted flanks around D
Added new flank at D
Moved spawn doors at D
Adjusted sightlines at C and D
-Version 4 (pogchamp)
-Blocked off canal at spawn
-Added cover across map
-Adjusted textures
-Fixed visual bugs
-Adjusted overlays
-Adjusted geometry and brushes in certain areas
-Added flank route to D
-Adjusted cover at B and C
-Added cover across map
-Adjusted payload tracks
-Changed locations of certain health/ammo packs near D
-Added new health/ammo packs in new flank routes
-Changed textures of certain spawn rooms
-Adjusted texture faces in all spawns
-Reduced sightlines near C