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small hotfixes idk its been awhile lmao
Updated to Beta 3:
-Changed B's Geometry and approach
-Changed Forward spawns
-Added rollback zones
-Removed C point
Updated to B2v2:
-Fixed missing clipping near B
-Updated Geometry
-Optimization upgrades
-Fixed several miscellaneous small issues
-Completely reworked the approach to B point
-Detailed A point
-Updated to Beta
-Detailed BLU's side
Funny moment, Just need feedback <3
Updated to Alpha 18
-Pushed back and redid RED forward spawn
-Moved some pickups around
-Changed flank route after B
-Changed some geometry
-Changed flank route before B
-Added some detail
-Textured the paifang gate
Updated to Alpha 17 v2

-Fixed BLU forward spawn doors being able to be opened too early
-Relaxed the amount of time BLU gets when they capture C
-Some slight detail work
Updated to Alpha 17

-Completely redid B (Thank you, Rhamkin)
-Added a capture point between B and (former) C
-Added additional forward spawns for BLU