pl_oceansun A8


  1. A8

    A Point
    Added Jump pad rout after A is capped.
    Completely remade A's inside building.
    Removed clutter from death valley
    Moved red routing to highground

    B Point
    Replaced shutter door with one way dropdown.
    added small detail

    C Point
    Made flank more accessible / visible.
    Removed redundant health packs
    Fixed invisible sticky spots


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  2. A7

    A Point
    Blocked long sight lines
    Opened Inside flank rout to high ground
    Moved control point back

    B Point
    Made low ground flank to high ground
    Moved ammo kits forward
    Removed main window
    Remover overhead on main choke

    C Point
    Moved spawn zone
    Made vent area into a full hallway
    Buffed defending health

    Added shutter door from red patio to map room
    (This should make...
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  3. a6

    A Changes:
    Entire redesign

    Hopefully with the new re-design it won't be so awkward. (Last version had an un-acknowledged flank rout and overall bad focus)

    I feel that this point is now too attacker sided, need to test to see.

    B Changes:
    Added better sight lines into b point.
    Cut far corner near B point
    Hopefully made the B flank door upper window more obvious for attackers.

    C Changes:
    Made spotting...
  4. Fix2

    Fixed 3rd point spawn doors responding to 2nd flankdoor trigger.
    Fixed the payload cart getting stuck on last.
    Added geometry for scouts on last.
    Small detail to blue spawn.
    Added lighthouse to 3dsky.
    Added boat with cacti back to last. (This time with an upgrade)
  5. Oops.

    Players can no longer spawn in disabled forward spawns
    Removed AC unit at main spawn
    Removed cover at main spawn
    Added height advantage at main spawns gate 3
  6. Fat changes



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  7. Superalpha2

    Redesigned all flanks on the map
    Removed c point spawn door
    Redesigned map to be more defender friendly
    Removed teleport in spawn, now more its streamlined after b is capped
    Added more health and ammo


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