pl_highrise A1

A payload map where you push the cart along the rooftops of the big city!

  1. Switchgeer
    (i'll remove the diaper skybox soon, don't worry)

    This map if I can get it presentable within a week and a half, will be a contestant in the back to basics contest! Otherwise, it's ust a payload map that I worked hard on. I thought putting it in an urban setting kinda like koth_king would be interesting.

    The lighting is minimal (most lights don't have props with them yet) in most places for now. Until I got the map with a layout that can move into beta, i don't wanna mess around too much with lighting. At the moment though the natural lighting will just look a little weird compared to the skybox to give more lighting in the map.

    (The death pit with the full health kit might be a stupid idea. I wanna see how it plays out though...)

    20191003193232_1.jpg 20191003193257_1.jpg 20191003193314_1.jpg 20191003193353_1.jpg 20191003193410_1.jpg Too dark. I'll fix after feedback from next play session. 20191003193428_1.jpg 20191003193451_1.jpg 20191003193232_1.jpg