pl_Goodwater a5

Name is subject to change, been working on this map for a while now

  1. Back 2 Alpha

    • Added much needed flanks
    • Added arrows by BLU spawn #3 to show where to go
    • Brightened up the place ( its still night time, just brighter.)
    • RED now has a faster route to point 3 from final spawn
    • Extended canyon
    • Added Secret Engineer
  2. Major update

    • Map now takes place at night
    • Texturing work has been done
    • Spotlights and extra lighting around track
    • new skybox texture
  3. Minor update

    • Added clipping around blu spawn
    • began work on replacing dev textures
    • attempted to do cameras so you dont just get a view of blu spawn (failed)
    • again, forgot screenshots, will get some next update.
  4. Getting Smaller

    Made the map less large and spread out, added some buildings to make the fighting space more variable and smaller. Currently lacking clipping around first blu spawn, will fix in next update. Also gathered screenshots. 20200415144039_1.jpg 20200415144058_1.jpg 20200415144026_1.jpg 20200415143950_1.jpg 20200415143941_1.jpg 20200415143905_1.jpg 20200415143855_1.jpg 20200415143834_1.jpg