pl_goldstrike : AlexDonut's unreleased maps

pl_goldstrike : AlexDonut's unreleased maps a1

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pl_goldstrike : AlexDonut's unreleased maps a1

Oh no, the map, it's broken !

This is the second release of AlexEatDonut's unreleased maps , a series of stuff i made a while back and that i never released out of shame.
This map was made in 2018.
It all starts with a doodle, i decided to imagine a layout after watching a RTGame video, and i doodled it. After a bit of consideration, i decided to make the map myself. That meant, at the time, learning from to use hammer.
Developpement started in march 2018 after making countryside, and I wanted to make the spawn, then some logic appeared, and it took 6 months.
The time spent was mainly due to me moving at the time, having some "in-game blackout sessions", and when it was released... well let's just say i realized it was absolute trash. Almost made me give up mapping really.
It was deleted for a few reasons :
  • The map doesn't have a good layout
  • The map was never tested (i didn't know what IMPs were back then)
  • The map wasn't well optimized (for like 3 months i didn't make a single func_details, i had to wait 15 minutes on a trash-ass laptop to compile, it was hell).
  • I overused custom assets
  • I loved round corners for some reason
This is not a good map in any way. And i freaking love it for that. It has a sort of blissfull innocence, using all these custom assets. There even are errors because i can't be bothered to get the custom asset again.

WARNING : The images are from 2018 (you can tell because it's 1600x900), when i had all the custom assets. Some custom stuff might be ERRORS (like the snow prop on the cart).

Are available to download both the bsp (to play) and the vmf (to edit). Beware of the vmf, as it is an actual hellscape that will burn your eyes.
If you wish to know more about this map, i used to post a lot of images on UEAKCrash's discord server (i wasn't on the server back then). Some of the images posted alongside this upload are from his server.
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