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pl_flatlands afinal Reupload

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Reuploaded due to site issues.

Why did I come up with _afinal
-Changed ground texture
This version has added a few improvements and will be tested.
Added buildings and brushes at first to prevent open areas.
Changed Blues second door exit.
The cap lights now light up.
Added a cave the cart passes through at first.
Changed a handful of brushes into func_detail.
More lighting.
Fixed floating trees.
Added details inside the last point.
Added props close to second.
General bug fixes
This is the real update
I get I already abandoned this map, but I had another idea and decided to make some final edits. Work is still in progress.
Updated Brushes and fence models.
Fixed teleporters being built in the Red Spawn.
Other stuff.
Fixed cart getting stuck on ramp.
Updated brushes
Created displacements and added platforms for height differences.
There is a lake at the left where the shortcut door is.
Lowered path_tracks at checkpoints.
Changed grass texture from "puke" to REAL GRASS.
Gave Blue "exercise bikes and treadmills" - ::Egan:: (Added more rollback zones)
Sealed and removed random pit.
Fixed clip issues.
Removed Jokes
Changed models, brushes, and a bunch of other stuff.