pl_divulgence b4b

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Removed logic regarding capture blocking: This fixes bugs related to capture blocking. Should work as intended now.
Long story: TLDR it was unrequited due to changes made out of order from one-another relating to the neutral control point

Added door in blue first spawn that opens once A is capped
Made spectate cameras better follow the action
Fixed a sticky-out bit near the turntable
Fixed high up clipping on last
Packed particles (Oops.)
Fixed players being able to stand on a weird clip near first
Replaced the 2.5 point with a turn table
Changed floor textures on last
Switched out mountains in the skybox
Added a jank failsafe to allow red to block the first capture:
> It disables the capture point when a red player enters a trigger near the point
> These players cant be spies or bonk scouts
>No fucking clue how this came up as a problem, I guess valve broke something? I don't remember touching this logic since the b3. Any problems regarding capture blocking should be reported to me. (Demos help as well)
Minor quick tweaks all over: Texture adjustments and such, prop clipping fixes on last, theme texture removals

Dear diary:
Playing this map since the previous version made me realize how much I truly enjoy playing this map. The changes made to the 2.5 points should hopefully better allow players to identify the game state. Choosing not to feed but instead set up on 3rd.
Watching the demos of players outnumbered not pressing tab and just feeding relentlessly is depressing. I have no idea how to actually balance for groups who constantly feed. My guess is that the 2.5 point wasn't treated as a "give me up" point but rather an "I'm crazy important" point. Hopefully, the turntable changes some minds. I think the turntable is a bad idea, the distance from 2nd to 3rd is already quite long. Might speed up the table with the following version to keep the action flowing while retaining the possibility of an intermittent pause.


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Please alert me of any bugs or clipping errors! A huge portion of geometry has shifted!!

Closed in the 2nd point by 128 units, cut a lot of fat
Adjusted high-ground cover on 2nd
Removed 256 units of deadspace on first
Lowered blue respawn by 2 seconds on first
Added a force respawn for red after 2.5 is capped
Misc detail changes for collision continuity

Refactoring really. Scaling the map to tf2s playstyle as previous versions felt overscaled and very passive.
Playing heavy felt trash IMO. Cover on 2nd made holding so passive that the point would usually be capped with little resistance. Not trying to make the pendulum swing too hard in defense's favor, it's just small changes

The future?
Bugfixes and whatever satisfies me (probably nothing). That's all I'd expect really.

Closing statements:
Without a doubt, working on this map has felt truly meaningless to me. To sacrifice time, sleep, and energy for little to no actual return is fucking demeaning. I now strip myself of this clown costume and return to a life equally as meaningless with a fraction of the torment. No, I don't need your sympathy. :^)

Seriously though, thanks to everyone who gave this map a chance, especially Oprahs server, RGL mappugs, and shounics server.


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Downscaled some spaces on 1st
Downscaled far door entering into 2nd
Downscaled the route to the high ground on 2nd (made it hopefully more defender sided)
Cut far flank on the '2.5' point
Downscaled platform flank platform on 3rd
Adjusted pickups on 3rd

I will keep an eye on this version, and expect further changes on 2nd and 3rd.
Looking into downscaling more areas, I will downscale as I find fit, improving as I find fit.


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~Fixed Z-fighting issue in blue's 2nd spawn
~Adjusted all spawn times for blue across the map. (Roughly 8-12 second spawn times for blue now. Previously spawn times were adjusted to give blue advantage pushing hard-held areas, this was overbearing.)
~Fixed the bug where blue can theoretically infinitely extend the map time

Author notes:
Spawn times are a massive difference between this version and the last. I expect more balanced games. I didn't elongate blues spawn times on the 1st point, because the first can be particularly hard to push.

Some players have complained about the colors being too "saturated". Don't know how to take this.
~Fixed a bug where red players could open blues spawn pushing last
~Adjusted cubemaps on first
~Replaced previously "awkward" names for each control point
~Fixed roof popping in and out of view through the skylights on last
~Intermediate control point between 2nd and 3rd now lowers blues respawn time by 2 seconds ( This is to accommodate rollout times and strengthen engineer. I'll keep a very close eye on how this affects the gameplay.)
~Added more context clues to the far spawn door being closed initially
TLDR: Maps finished
(Look at screenshots)

The goat returns

+Detailed last, third, second, and first.
+Massive optimization
+Added propper soundscapes
+Added cubemaps
-Removed previous custom particles
+Reworked blue spawn to be more efficient to traverse / simplified
+Adjusted staircase on 2nd to match the rest of the map
+Displacement tweaks
+Mass bullet blocking
+Added in between partial control point between B and C
This control point locks the cart, closes one route for red, and adds 30 seconds.
-Removed crocodiles

The future of this map?
Bug fixes and possibly a forward spawn to aid pushing 3rd / Spawntime change.
Any bugs please post on the forum. I am very active on this website and I will see your post.


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Added detail to first, check attachments


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Removed odd sniper rock on 1st
Adjusted awning on 1st to block sniper sightlines
Added barrel near medium health on 1st to allow spies to access more ground
Adjusted door sizes into 2nd
Adjusted spam sightline into 2nd
Adjusted ammo on 2nd
Adjusted staircase near tracks on 2nd
Boarded up window on 3rd peaking the flank
Adjusted route into the library on last, removed window, attempted to streamline (Not confident on this)
Closed tiny door near the fireplace on last, Widened far door to compensate
Undid changes to crates out of right spawn on last

Changing my mind on some things, I need more time to think. These changes are outright better (Minus the changes on last, those I feel iffy about)

3rd is currently the most shit point in my opinion, relies on degenerate gameplay and isn't great. Ill find a way to suit something better soon, too busy to commit to doing so right now.
The last of Alpha 2:
Fixed a bug where the cart could recede beyond pushing after the first point is captured
Adjusted health and sightlines into 2nd
Adjusted health and ammo between 2nd and 3rd
Added detail to "saw" on 3rd
Altered cover on last for better defense
Widened left route on last (Pushed and pulled some doors as well)

The next version might contain a new control point, as well as major balance changes from rgl map testing. Take care, I'll see you then!