Multi Stage Piratelife b8

Author: tanuki

  1. tanuki

    Yo ho yo ho this map has a pirate theme to break away from the TF2 standard theme.

    This is a 3 stage map with 2 caps per stage.

    The first stage has blu attacking an abandoned island fort and a tanker. The points are near to eachother so red should beat a hasty retreat to guard the tanker.

    The second stage has blu attacking a port town. There is an extra entrance through a drainage pipe at the port.

    The third stage has blu attacking a small village and a pirate cove.

    Its set at night so players can use the cover of darkness to hide in shadows and sneak around to get the drop on their enemies.


    1. cp_piratelife_b80003.jpg
    2. cp_piratelife_b80004.jpg
    3. cp_piratelife_b80005.jpg
    4. cp_piratelife_b80006.jpg
    5. cp_piratelife_b80007.jpg