Pipeball Ultra

Pipeball Ultra B3

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  • Added another pair of angled bumpers by the pillars of the bonus rooms, to keep the ball out of the corners
  • No more blowback in the vent flanks on the main rink.

- Added guiding lines to the control points to show players where the relevant points are
- Fixed issue with the main pipe doors where they could potentially close early, trapping the ball inside
- Some better optimization and playerclipping
- (hopefully) fixed issue with the bonus room rounds never ending until a goal is scored
- Added some... "improvements," to the Secret Killswitch Room
- Widened the escalators in the bonus rooms
Changes from A5:

-Did some playerclip trickery to let the ammopack that players drop on death fall out of the bonus room ball serve pipes instead of being held up inside of it
- Fixed issues with the out of bounds ball teleport brushes
- Fixed issue with the ball re-serve system sometimes taking a long ass time to re-serve the ball
- better playerclipping
- props props props props and MOAR PROPS
- Added doors to the main rink ball serve pipe
- The bonus room ball pipes now shoot the ball out at high speed, to clamp down on the quick goals
- Better timing of the bonus room to main rink transition. Now the main round timer will resume when you're actually back on the main rink, not before
- Speaking of, there's better timing on the first serve of the return to the main rink
- Actually, why don't I just save a lot of time and just say there's better timing on everything in general? Yeah, let's do that.
- Vscript functionality added. No more need for servercommands! Whoohooooo!!
- Sudden Death will work like it's supposed to, I promise this time.
- Re-added the original flank access hole in the walls
- Buffed the ball cannons. Their new trajectory and velocity are actually useful now!
- Some minor clipping
- Added signage to the Control Points, now they'll indicate what they do
- Minor optimizations

- HUD timer switches from main timer to bonus room timer
- No more respawn time trickery. It's a standard 8 seconds all the time.
- Tweaked the scoring system. Now it should award the correct amount of points consistently
- Redid the fences outside the rink
- Added push triggers to the various venting flanks. Now it's not so easy to get the drop on the other team
- Added Player Destruction scorekeeping
- Screen fades out when goals are scored
- Added text to help players understand WTF is going on
- Windows in side buildings are now closed. No more spawn sniping for you
- Serve pipe gets shortened, and the ball doesn't get launched quite as high
- other stuff

- Health and ammo kits in the side buildings are now full packs
- Revamped the ball barrier in the bonus rooms
- Un-solided some light fixture props
- Added "the mound"
- other stuff idk

Changes from A0D

- The "Meat Grinder" doorways as they were called in the bonus rooms have been expanded
- The ball is now kept at bay by a vphys clip brush in the bonus rooms, making shooting it much easier
- Issue with the ball reset brushes triggering with the ball cannons resolved
- Attacking team respawning in the bonus room rounds now face the doorway to the bonus rooms

- Fixed the cap icons being glitchy at round start. Also put the right ones in the right place this time. Boy was that dumb of me
- Fixed issue with spawnroom doors and the vent in the bonus rooms. Again, dumb
- Added some more out of bounds reset brushes for the ball
- Finally got a visual representation of the ball cannon loading bay's push trigger working that wasn't a framerate killer
- Respawn time fuckery in the bonus rooms. The attackers get a shorter respawn time.
- Revamped the pickup availability in the bonus rooms for the attackers.
- Phys pushscale command fires every 30s now. In case a server admin forgets to turn servercommands on before the map loads, they can do it on the fly now.
- The ball now has an ever-visible "glow" that will follow it around everywhere, so you'll always know where it is
- Speaking of which, the ball will always respawn in the reset mechanism like its supposed to, if, in the rare case, it "falls asleep" if nobody touches it in the bonus rooms. You guys do know that you need to hit the ball in order to win, right?
- Increased cap time for the goal expanders. Originally it was at 10, then got bumped down to 7, now it's at 9.
- Made the defense timer sign more noticeable
- Reduced height of the doorways in the bonus rooms' back area. No more vent to spawn sniping.
- Enlarged the goal shields in the middle of the main rink. This will cut down on Sniper's effectiveness everywhere but their own end.
- Sudden Death option is back in the Secret Killswitch Room. But again, you're not supposed to know about the Secret Killswitch Room. So kindly pretend you don't, ok?

- Fixed some ball teleport brushes
- Added custom HUD icons to better help players understand the gimmicks
- Added timer gauges for the bonus rooms
- Fixed issue with the main timer not ending if players are capping a perk point
- Widened some entry points
- Removed the "stalemate" option from the secret killswitch room. But you didn't need to know about that, did you?