Pipeball Prefab

Pipeball Prefab v3

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- Converted the map to use modern PD-based logic instead of the original CP-based logic. If you prefer the old style, please download v2 instead
- Added Vscript functionality
- The optional "gutterball/ball reset" logic now supports deathpits
-- Reduced round time from 8 minutes to 6-- max round time is still 8 minutes
-- Reduced setup time from 15s to 10s
-- Scoring a goal now adds 45 seconds to the timer
-- Updated the func_clip_vphysics brushes with a filter-- now they only block pipeballs (as intended) instead of all physics objects, such as projectiles and ragdolls
-- Replaced several sounds with their PassTime equivalent
-- Added an explosion and particle effect when the winning goal is made
-- Drastically reduced the phys_pushscale increase, from 30 to 12.5
-- Added "Goal!" popups for each team
-- All goal icons are now 'locked'


-- Made both balls much lighter
-- Balls now destroy any building they come in contact with
-- The black ball's "death aura" is now slightly larger, from 96hu to 112hu