Pinnacle A6b

A Mann co weapon factory set in the canadian wilderness

  1. ...

    hopefully packed the custom content

    also the filename still says a6 since i'm too lazy too change it too a6b
  2. stuff

    changelog A6
    -lighting changes
    -changed the robot spawn area to make it have more height variation
    -more stuff that i forgot because i ahevn't worked on this for a while so i forgot what i did, i also don't feel like putting all the mvm wave changes in sorry
  3. more stuff

    changelog a5b (i skipped a5 since it was bugged)

    -moved the left train spawn to make it less annoying
    -changed original normal mission to intermediate
    -added new normal and advanced difficulty mission
    -gave the mission names
    -new theme and name
    -many changes to the waves and missions that i'm not gonna type since it takes too long and i'm lazy
  4. changes

    changelog a4
    -started texturing some parts
    -remade parts of both bomb routes
    -moved the hatch area a bit
    -added new 3d skybox

    -mission changes
    -arctic mechanica

    -wave 2
    -removed the pyros because it made wave 2 harder than the rest of the mission lol

    -wave 4
    -the giant soldiers now use cow manglers and wear the one hat that came with it with the long name

    -wave 6
    -giant demoman now spawn alongside the tank
    -changed the giant demoman with the meds to a giant rapid fire soldier
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  5. nax fix

    fixed the nav file
  6. too many changes

    changelog a3
    General changes:
    -remade most of the robot spawn
    -added a third robot spawn
    -added a building between the spawn area and the 2 different routes
    -some other stuff

    Mission changes:
    -Arctic mechanica

    -extended the time between sentry busters

    -wave 1

    -changed pyros to bowman
    -heavy punchers now spawn from the right spawn

    -wave 2
    -changed the giant soldier to 2 giant demoman
    -gave the pyros phlogs
    -made the first scouts spawn from the left and made the heavies carry the...
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  7. new theme

    changelog a2
    -new theme, changed from desert to snow
    -new name
    -clipping fixes
    -other stuff i forgot