Pilfer a15

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Changed Bot path to be further from mid
Significantly increased bot health.
Patched several unfair sightlines into mid
Changed the shorter entrance to flag
Changed the highground next to King bots
Conversion to rd gamemode
Simplified mid design to be closer to traditional koth design.
Blocked off lowground flank route. This should allow more teamfight since players are more converged.
Removed the one way dropdown that is almost exclusive to one team
The 'sniper room' can now be accessed the same way as the old oneway room.
a13 version with cos gamemode will be available if this doesnt work.
fixed doors
Removed mid control point
Gold bar are now neutral for anyone to grab
Edited Gamemode. No longer uses janky cores to gain points. Owning the center control point now automatically scores the point
Reworked Intel area
Fixed the door
Fixed the doors
Blocked some super long sightlines going across mid
Moved the dropdown door slightly to the right
Blocked off dead space under spawn bridge
Massive changes
too massive
very large
Added additional health packs around mid
Changed ramp up the train
Added doors to the intel dropdowns
Added windows overlooking the intel area
Changed intel dropdowns from circle to square
Players now spawn on the second floor
Blocked ridiculous sightlines cross mid
During the first 60 seconds after the point is first captured, gold spawnrate is doubled.
Reduced max points from 200 to 150
Rounds should be a lot shorter now
Fixed door not opening
Readded sounds