Pier b23

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-Begone, foul frame eater.
-Added additional ramp to final.

-Made fireworks more pretty.
-Replaced all Bulletcrops content with Frontline equivalents.
-Modified buildings to improve variety in architecture.
-Reduced overall skybox height.
-Replaced stair clips with blockbullets.
-Relocated burgers.

Point A
-Added sign to obstruct view between the bridge and payload tunnel.
Point B
-No significant changes.
Point C
-Added wood pile to prevent fall damage under dropdown.
-Replaced lower pier path with beach to prevent having to 'jump' out of the water.
-Added nook outside warehouse to provide safe-ish haven for offense.
-Shortened catwalk over the double shutters to make shutter entry less overwhelming.
-Removed some vertical supports that get in the way.
Point D
-Added choke-ish area around the cart path to make area less open, encourage defensive holds, and encourage more fighting in the surrounding area.
Point E
-Modified dropdown to be less vulnerable and give offense a more protected path to the interior balcony.
-Red's catwalk no longer connects to the platform at the top of the hill. Instead, there is now a set of stairs that connect this platform to the ground level.
-Replaced pickup with sniper van for easier jumping.

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