Pier b23

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The map's detailing is EXCELLENT, espically the city, some of metal beams are poor but hey it's awesome overall!
The gameplay is quite interesting, and the map is so long I loved to ride the cart not doing anything but looking at this beautiful city.
Ah, and the gimmick at the end, it just fits there.
One of my favorite maps ever.
Love this map, always a good map to have in rotation.
Have had many fun games with this map on a community server, the easter egg hunt in the map was a fun challenge too.
Amazing map - play it every day on a 32 player customer server
Visuals: 10/10. Gameplay: 8/10 (starting part a bit small imo)
and Bugs/Exploits are seemingly nonexistant, apart from the trees that can be jumped in and used as a good camo, and being able to hide stickies in some round electric boxes.

I'll keep this map in my favorites.
nice map
Great map and very well done
map is very well designed and fun but the last point is way too hard to push
Really interesting and well detailed map ! I like the twists and turns the payload needs to go through. One nitpick is point E - The large rollback ramp makes it very hard for BLU team to push. I would probably make the slope less steep.