pd_ufo 2020-11-23

blow up the ufo and the ufo core

  1. Mr.Quacks
    pd_ufo0000.jpg pd_ufo0001.jpg pd_ufo0002.jpg pd_ufo0003.jpg pd_ufo0004.jpg pd_ufo0005.jpg pd_ufo0006.jpg pd_ufo0007.jpg You and your team has to destroy the ufo's core by collecting bomb's and putting them in the ufo's core but don't forget that the other team will be doing the same thing. Once on team or the other team get 120 points (a.k.a bomb's) the core will explode and everyone will die because you can not leave the ufo and if you die you will respawn and have to go back inside the ufo and keep fighting. And the ufo in the map out side of the ufo will explode to as well.

    Download the ufo prop's


    Download the ufo particles