pd_farmageddon a11

The end of farms everywhere

  1. Korean New Wave Cinima

    -widened doorways
    -blocked sightlines
    -removed walls
  2. Caption Pointyman

    -flipped spawn rooms to direct players to the lower side of the map.
    -adjusted routes to capitalize on those changes
    -cut water raising speed in half in underworld
    -made high lofts in mid barn more spacious and changed the outside path near it to be a staircase inside path
    -fixed incorrect doors in blue spawn
    -removed purgatory and replaced it with a fake version to have control over the bell sound that plays when players leave
    -lowered damage done in underworld to let players cap without as...
  3. Burn it all down

    -fully remade the whole map from scratch


    1. 20200727134343_1.jpg
  4. kind of an eyesore

    -remade underworld
    -other stuff
  5. ripping off the bandage

    -redesigned mid and the areas around it
  6. None of it really amounted to much

    -lots of changes to mid to try and make paths feel less cramped
    -opened up transition building between spawn and mid to try and make it less cramped
    -lighting improvements
    -removed place holder crane brushes and replaced them with a combine harvester prop
    -lowered height around mid to make it's advantage less extreme
    -displacement cleanups
  7. May be part of a lewd joke

    -lighting changes to try and make it better
    -lots of route changes to try and improve flow
    -added some stairs by the barn to help safely navigate the height variety there
    -adjusted some rocks used for cover
    -pushed fence behind crane closer to it to close off the awkward upper area back there
    -removed short fence in spawn rooms
    -some optimization
  8. Yo I'm a car, I'm heavy

    -made the area around the crane less flat, open, and empty
    -changed the bridges to the mid barn to partially be full walls that block sightlines and add more height variety
    -added back path around the back of the upper wall at mid so players can get from one side to the other easily
    -spread out "underworld" spawn areas to try and stop spawn camping there
    -lighting changes to make play areas less dark
    -possibly other things I've forgotten


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    2. 20200701150557_1.jpg
    3. 20200701150535_1.jpg
  9. This level was made in 3 days by one of the lead designers

    -added a cover building by cliffs between pit and transition building
    -lowered setup time to 4 seconds to match watergates time and stop medics from getting full ubercharge during it
    -attempted to make it more obvious when the pit is closing both visually, audioly, and with on screen text
    -refined collision mesh for stalactites (thanks Zeus!)
    -lowered one of the fences by spawn to make it less likely for players to get caught up on after exiting the "underworld" area
    -clipping edits
  10. A hole lotta changes

    -attempted to make the map less scattered and more streamlined
    -changed capture point gimmick from a teleporter to a pit players fall into to access the capture zone
    -moved around a lot of cover and paths to make routes better fighting areas
    -moved side spawn door to help point players in the right direction when leaving spawn
    -moved "underworld" exit teleporters to help direct players back to mid
    -moved around spawns in spawn rooms to help players see exit options better
    -decreased damage...