Pasty a6

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* increased cap zone size

* fixed dodgy respawn times

* disabled player outline on flag
* map now uses the 5cp timer (10 minutes max, resets every capture) until I figure out how to disable overtime completely

* tweaked respawn times a bit

* actually built cubemaps this time
* fixed red players spawning in blue spawn

* fixed players being able to "capture" the capture zones without the flag

* the flag now takes a few seconds to capture, similar to a control point (thanks RodionJenga for helping me with the HUD elements for this)

* HUD now shows which team is currently carrying the flag

* removed big-ass side route

* adjusted spawn times a tad
* the flag now starts disabled and is enabled after 45 seconds; the flag is also disabled for 30 seconds after one team captures (uses Special Delivery announcer lines)

* moved spawn closer to the capture zone

* when one team captures the flag, the other team respawns instantly