pass_volley_island 2018-03-31

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Changed look and the name of the map. Maybe i'll add some finishing touches, but i'm mostly satisfied with this version.
Removed 3d skybox, changed to the indoors gym type.
added judges to sides of net.

The logic is pretty much set
All that is left is to add a few more touches to looks and balance the tf_passtime_ball_seek_range variable changes for different player counts.
pass_volleyblast_rc150033.jpg pass_volleyblast_rc150032.jpg pass_volleyblast_rc150026.jpg pass_volleyblast_rc150024.jpg pass_volleyblast_rc150023.jpg pass_volleyblast_rc150021.jpg
after stress testing the map 12 v 12, i made so that wall blocks bullets and explosives, but not the ball.
added func_nobuild on entire playing field (not that you have time to do that anyway)
enforced forcedrespawns if ball falls into your own court.
fixed trigger_hurt (now it doesn't wait for someone to get hurt to disable itself)
fixed being able to shoot under net.
Added one extra message to know when ball is dropped without points.
Changed spawns and fixed being able to score by throwing ball by own net.
Trigger brush length reach decreased to accomedate.