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pass_snowylake_imp b1

Snowy PASS Time map with a train.

  1. FrostHoneyJuice

    This version is ONLY meant for play-testing. Since the original map has a big file size, I had to remove loopable .wav files out of this version mainly, so play-testers with a slow Internet connection can download it the map faster.

    If you want to get the FULL experience, then download the map by clicking here.

    What to expect in this version?

    Since .mp3 files cannot be loopable just like .wav files, I have decided to remove all loopable .wav ambient sounds and music tracks.

    I have also replaced two types of textures, which for some odd reasons, were quite big in file size. I will make sure they are gone from the original map.

    Also, you will see some messages when the round starts, mentioning missing ambient sounds and music.

    Either way, here's a full list of changes;

    IMP_B1 changes include:
    • Removed music and some ambient sounds.
    • Added yellow signs next to the radios mentioning the absence of music.
    • Added three HUD messages that appear when a new round begins.
    • Replaced one texture in the mid due to its huge file size.
    • Replaced water texture in the vents due to its huge file size.
    • Replaced Rick May's .wav voice lines with .mp3 files.
    • Fixed some textures in the defense caves that had unintentional nodraw texture applied to them.
    • Fixed RED arrow overlay in the vents.
    If the map gets to the RC stage, I will delete this download page for good.


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