pass_snowylake b2

Snowy PASS Time map with a train.

  1. BETA

    Well, you look at that. I have finally made a map that actually has gone to the BETA stage. I feel so glad that I made this through with all the pain, and have received feedback from players that have barely played PASS Time.

    To be honest, it feels like forever since I have updated this map. Even though the last time I updated it was February 2, 2020. But still, the first version of this map has been created on July 30, 2018. That's two years ago, but for me, it still feels like I made it yesterday. Well, maybe not yesterday, but close to yesterday if you know what I mean. But I definitely thought that it had been created in 2019.

    Either way, the most significant change that you will see in this map is a variety of textures, and most importantly - no slippery effect. Yes, people seem to hate when their movement is limited or taken away. A lot of people have been complaining about it throughout the whole ALPHA stage. So, let it be. No slippery effect. However, this shouldn't affect the gameplay that much. At least I hope.

    When it comes to the vents, well, it's complicated. I decided not to touch them at all. You see, at first glance, a lot of people hated it and were confused about why are they were getting hurt. Those who played more have realized what's the point of it, so I decided not to bother myself. The only thing I did was add an arrow sign that would tell players that they can pick another direction and not go inside of the vents. That might help newer players, in my honest opinion.

    Remember. I created this layout to make sure that PASS Time is more enjoyable to play compared to other existing PASS Time maps. The most crucial thing that I wanted to do is to make sure engineers do not dominate the areas where you would typically score a goal. During the play-tests, I saw that people really did enjoy playing my map, and they did not have any problems with engineers. However, in my last play-test, I concluded that I was too harsh to engineers. Engineers couldn't understand where to place their buildings. Their choices were severely limited. In this version, I placed two fences in the goal areas. Hopefully, that will relieve all engi-players.

    There's one more important thing to mention. While making this map, Rick May has passed away - the voice actor of our beloved character Soldier. The work that he has done is significant. And seeing that we as the community lost him has really struck me, especially knowing that Valve might not add anything new to Team Fortress 2. Due to this whole event, I decided to add a tribute to my map. I recommend everyone to check it out.


    Changes for B1:
    • Added textures.
    • Added skybox.
    • Added more props.
    • Added more displacements.
    • Added more areaportals and occluders.
    • Added more clipping.
    • Added Hydro sign next to the vents.
    • Added railing props on the bridge in the mid.
    • Added one small rock next to the pit/behind the attacker's spawn.
    • Added two fences next to the goal areas.
    • Replaced some props in the defense spawns from inside.
    • Replaced some props in one defense spawn from the outside, so players do not receive fall damage when getting out of the spawn.
    • Replaced one small health pack and ammo pack to medium packs in one building not far away from the cave.
    • Replaced the trigger_hurt's kill icon in the mid, so it says that the player has been crushed, and not hit by the train.
    • Replaced ice texture.
    • Removed slippery effect from the ice.
    • Removed one prop from the goal areas.
    • Adjusted a couple of displacements.
    • Adjusted the timing of train bells, so they start playing earlier.
    • Adjusted the appearing of the train from 20-40 seconds to 30-50 seconds.
    • Fixed the case when a player gets stuck by the train by touching its left or right sides.
    • Fixed all spawn doors showing holes from the top.
    • Fixed the direction of the trigger_push for BLU jump-pads.
    • Fixed leaking PASS Time textures.
    • Fixed some props that haven't been mirrored correctly to the RED side.


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