pass_snowsteel a4b

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pass_snowsteel a4b

2022 tfconnect contest entry: christmas pass time thing

Contest entry for the 2022 tfconnect contest:

A pass time map with a koth gimmick where I try to design it christmas-y
First release
Last update
Pass Time

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Latest updates

  1. a4b - Quick hotfix before deadline

    > Removed capture crits > Changed the angle of the catapults > Fixed the walk in gate not properly pushing the ball out of it > Moved the tree on mid to take up less visual space > Fixed the speed boosts not having proper animations
  2. a4

    > Added more detailing to the 3d skybox > Changed the lower gate from a throw able gate to a walk in gate. > Added a door that shows lower gate's availability. > Fixed some clipping issues on the displacements.
  3. a3

    > Lowered the vertically of the hut to the side of the control point. > Change control point function. > > Now disables friendly lower-gate and enables friendly speed boosts. > > Changed start of match text to match. > Changed bonus cap location...