paperstage1 A2

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-Replaced weird custom dev textures with non-dev
-Tweaked lighting to make areas feel more comfy
-Reworked connector room to attempt to better direct both teams through it; removed the lowground doorway connecting it directly to B, removed the one-way shutter from the upper doorway, added a window to the nearbyroof, plus a decorative window, shutter that opens when A is capped is no longer also a one-way
-Adjusted cover near B + added skilljump up to railing balcony
-Remove staircase to railing balcony, replaced with dropdown that itself leads to another tiny dropdown that leads directly to B
-Added cover near A saw building to remove weird sightline
-Removed bridge connecting cliff and playable train container
-Adjusted packs
-Other minor geo tweaks

Replacing the main thread's screenshots instead of putting them here due to the drastic texture changes