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Pancake A4a

The 72hr Jam map made in 24 hours

In keeping with my tradition, my entry for this year's 72hr Jam was scrapped and I started again with a fraction of the time left. Certainly an improvement over last year's 6 hour CTF atrocity :)

I'm quite proud of this for the angled geometry, which is something I don't normally do, and the fact that I actually managed to make a competent CTF layout. It's not mind-blowingly unique but I think it's pretty cute

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Latest updates

  1. Oops

    Fixed rogue kill trigger... playtest demo has been lost to the site void so that's the only change
  2. stuff

    Extended deathpit trigger outwards to prevent people from getting around it plus more detailing
  3. Some polish

    I named it "Pancake" because I suck with names and idk, maybe the displacements look like pancake dough Some minor detailing, improved lighting in the flagroom Extended deathpit kill trigger so that there aren't any gaps Added more...

Latest reviews

Short map and too much free space. Need more details.
I don't mean to be rude but have you even played this? The space was not an issue during playtests.

Also it's an alpha map, the focus is supposed to be on gameplay