Multi Stage Panamint2 S1A9

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Multi Stage Panamint2 S1A9


Out of all the things people expected me to do, I bet A/D CTF wasn't high up on that list. Regardless, here is the first stage to what will hopefully be a multistage map.

And I bet even more people did expect me to turn it into a CP map!

This map was adopted from Hanz by the way...

Hanz for the original map
Muddy for the old gamemdoe prefab, and for being coolio
Moonrat for being coolio
TF2Maps for moral support
A Boojum Snark for his great entity pack
Hyperion for watching out for any changes in the map
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. Spick and Span

    I'm pretty much done doing major gameplay changes. Hopefully, it depends. But if that is the case, the last of the alpha updates will simply polish the gameplay and other little things so I don't have to deal with them in Beta. Change Log: -...
  2. The biggest update yet

    A lot changes here.... Change Log: - Fixed A not giving BLU time on cap - Changed the ammo kit at RED's sentry spot on B back to a full sized - Fixed some Z fighting displacements at RED spawn(Thanks Moonrat for spotting this one) I noticed...
  3. I hope RED team gets ants

    Some more BLU siding. Change Log: - Added a new route to the point at B - Moved a healthkit at the new route to the oppisite side - Removed a health kit on RED's high ground at B - Reduced the size of a full Health and Ammo kit at B - Shortened...