Paintcans 1.0

Made by EArkham

  1. EArkham

    Team Fortress 2 Model: Paintcans
    Release: 05-31-2010
    Author: EArkham based on content from Team Fortress 2

    * screenshot_paintcans.jpg

    * paintcans_README.txt

    * models/earkham/props_farm/paint_can_001_reskin.mdl

    * materials/models/earkham/props_farm/paint_can001 ("oily skin")
    * materials/models/earkham/props_farm/paint_can002 ("blu skin")
    * materials/models/earkham/props_farm/paint_can003 ("chalky blu skin")
    * materials/models/earkham/props_farm/paint_can004 ("red skin")
    * materials/models/earkham/props_farm/paint_can005 ("red-orange skin")

    * materials/earkham/decals/decal_paintsplat_blu01
    * materials/earkham/decals/decal_paintsplat_blu02
    * materials/earkham/decals/decal_paintsplat_red01
    * materials/earkham/decals/decal_paintsplat_red02

    Unzip this archive to the "SteamApps\[USERNAME]\team fortress 2\tf\" directory and content should be placed automatically.

    These are not original models and textures but reworked versions of Valve content.

    If you include these in a map, credit is welcome but not required.


    1. screenshot_paintcans_sm_tSP.jpg