P1-ckup Truck v2

Crowbar's winter 2017 72hr entry

  1. Crowbar
    This was initially my entry for the Winter 2017 72 hour TF2 Jam gosh such a lengthy name.
    shot3.png shot1.png shot2.png
    A pickup truck the owner of should give a wash. Technical info:
    • 3290 triangles
    • 2048x2048 diffuse map
    • 135.8 width, 290.7 length, 95.3 height in units
    Made in Blender, textured in Photoshop.
    It looks ultimately cool and I am pretty happy with both the model and the texture.
    The jam was very very fun. Enjoy this didn't you? Aren't you gonna?

Recent Updates

  1. V2, better than ever

Recent Reviews

  1. Grubzer
    Version: v2
    Good work!
  2. Anonymous
    Version: jam1
    Nice mean looking truck