Overgrown RC8

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I absolutely love the aesthetics of this. Everything looks like a midwestern-European style resort, the spawn areas being restaurants fully decked out with models of food and tables really says that the creator of this map had fun making it. I skimmed a round of this in an empty server to test it out, and wow this map's sightlines look clean. I don't really like attack/defend maps that much but this one (along with another map called Fulgur) feels like a breath of fresh air.
This map is really beautiful, and every time I got to play on it with a server of a good amount of people it was a blast. No overpowered sightlines, attacking the point isn't hard and there are a lot of options when it comes to routes for attacking. Not to mention all of the unique models and environments in this map. It's quite clear how much effort and detail went into creating this map.

I'd say the only problem I have with this map is the capture rate of the two points. While this map is extremely fun, it feels like if Blu has even the slightest advantage over the Red team, they win the moment they get the ball rolling because of how short the capture time for the points seems to be. It basically requires all of the defending team members to stick next to the point like glue just in case a Scout comes running at the point when no one is looking. I'd love to see the capture rate adjusted to something more the length of Mossrock, or a little shorter if it is felt to be necessary. Other than that of course, this map is simply splendid!
I was worried about the sight lines but the map is fantastic
amazing map. Beautiful, as well. I helped with plenty of play tests, and i remember when this was mostly dev textures before the art pass. Really love this map, and is really fun to play
My son, I'm proud of you
Incredible detailing and good gameplay.
it"s layout is fresh