Outcast a4v1


  1. Sonoma Bryer
    This is the first stage of what will eventually be a 3 stage map

    -changed blu cave route to add more verticality
    -added lights to water
    -added lights to back of shipyard
    -added dropdown route to water
    -changed shutter door route to remove crazy sightlines
    -moved ammo and healthkits in the building to avoid accidental pickups as well as add incentive to use dropdown route
    -added rocks to the blu water
    -added block bullets to blu spawn
    -fixed issue with players being able to shoot through spawn doors
    -fixed engineers being able to build in blu spawn
    -removed extra bit of geometry from blu spawn that was left there by mistake
    -added more nodraws
    -moved Point A back a little bit
    -removed a ramp from Point A that is closest to blu cave exit
    -boxed in map more for better optimization
    -fixed issue with the red spawn door
    -fixed issue with blu spawn door
    -smoothed out some displacements
    -added details
    -other improvements based on feedback

    Please give feedback!


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