Ostsmaklig A2

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Ostsmaklig A2

Sometimes, I dream about cheese.

Sometimes you could really go for a wheel of cheese. But when other people are also going for that same wheel of cheese, it's no longer a matter that is solved with diplomacy.

Here's my entry to the Summer Jam. Probably doesn't play that well but it was fun to do a symmetrical layout since I haven't done those before.

Technically is more like CTF than SD but it's only SD so I can use the SD hud because Valve doesn't let me force that.
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Latest updates

  1. The cheesy alpha2 with an awful title

    Removed the humiliation stun from the cheese and set the movement speed penalty to 30% Set a bunch of visualizers and everything to prevent a case of the carrier going into hiding Fixed a door being opened while nobody was near the trigger Fixed...