Orleans A5

A payload rail running through a sunny port-side town.

  1. A3

    -Adjusted respawn times across the board
    -Red is now force-respawned (not killed and respawned, mind you) every time a point is captured. This should make defending certain points easier.
    -The caps on the sewer pipe tunnel (B to C) are now non-solid (the stack of crates going to the window into C has been rearranged to compensate)
    -The sewer tunnel is not nearly as bright as it was before
    -The door to the Red-favored balcony at C now closes when C is capped
    -Adjusted the positions of A and C to make defense slightly easier
    -Extended D to include new geometry, a longer track with no rollback zone, and the original final area rotated 90 degrees from its original position
    -The one-way doors going to D now have two different textures (regular door and no-entry door, of course) in order to better convey that they are one-way doors
    -The "area" at D with the balcony (with railing) is now indoors up until the sewer bars 20180814194135_1.jpg 20180814194433_1.jpg 20180814194158_1.jpg 20180814194530_1.jpg 20180814194546_1.jpg 20180814194646_1.jpg
    -Probably more that I forgot



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