Orbit A1

The 2015 jokemap classic, recompiled, reuploaded, and repacked for 2018!

  1. 14bit
    Everyone's favorite Payload Circuit map is back for 2018! I'm proud to present my second ever map from 2015 recompiled, reuploaded, and repacked for the next generation of mappers to experience.

    The gamemode prefab has also been updated for 2018! Check it out here!

    Original post from 2015 below:

    When RED and BLU began to build their bases on the moon, they soon realized that they needed more space wood. A private investor set up Lunar Lumber Co. between their bases and made lucrative profits. Soon, however, the bases were complete. The new company had forgotten to design a way to get the space wood back to earth, and there was no one left to buy the space wood on the moon. They invested all of the money they had made on a new ship to haul the wood.

    Soon, however, Lunar Lumber Co. went out of business. The ship crashed into their shipping and receiving facility, and they couldn't afford to fix it. With their stocks meaningless, they sold half of the company to BLU and half to RED.

    Both teams argued over who got to keep the facility. In the dead of space-night, both teams snuck out and began to build track to the others' base to defeat them once and for all. Unfortunately, they both had very limited resources, and upon reaching some track on the other side of the sawmill, they assumed that it led to the other teams' base.

    I am proud to present my 2015 April Fool's Gameday map submission, plr_orbit! Orbit is a "payload circuit" map in which both teams try to push their teams' cart into the back of the other teams' cart.

    -A strange new payload-ish game mode!
    -Player launchers out of spawn!
    -Four random events that fire every two minutes:
    -Meteor strike! Find cover!
    -Invisibility! Wears off after you shoot or 30 seconds!
    -Mini and melee only! (Includes speed boost and third person!)
    -Moon gravity!
    -Two (2) test your weight machines, complete with cows!
    -Beautiful Dev texture artwork and broken lighting!
    -Fancy, mouse-drawn signs!
    -An attempt at a balanced map that I just said "screw it" to!

    *not really much more though.

    Please leave your thoughts and feedback below! Thanks!


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