Operandi A12a

Alpine payload paying homage to Process and Gorge.

  1. A Distinctive Lack of Dev Textures

    -No more dev textures
    -McJohn Power has been bought out by Wood Electric
    -RED's base no longer has anything to do with rockets or space
    -Window with missing window pane at A is now sealed shut
    -Point A now has a radio tower
    -C now has a satellite
    -Changed all control point names
    -Slight geometry, pack placement, and lighting tweaks
    -Changed glass textures for the 50th time
    -Added spectator cameras with actual cameras
    -Other stuff that I forgot lmao

    Screenshots (which will also replace the outdated A1 screenshots):
    20190729193933_1.jpg 20190729194309_1.jpg 20190729194244_1.jpg 20190729194005_1.jpg 20190729194259_1.jpg 20190729194202_1.jpg 20190729194717_1.jpg 20190729194446_1.jpg 20190729194341_1.jpg 20190729194423_1.jpg 20190729194516_1.jpg 20190729194529_1.jpg
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