Operandi A13

Alpine payload paying homage to Process and Gorge.

  1. Egg


    -Added mullions to almost all windows to make it more obvious that they can't be jumped through

    -Slight quality of life changes in BLU initial spawn
    -Removed shutter door route between RED battlements and Beacon/Window entirely
    -Added textures to Under (room w/ computers under Beacon/Window), and a few things around the A area to make this room more obvious
    -Changed windows at Beacon to be dark glass + window nearest the dead-end of the room has a single pane missing similar to Badwater Last window
    -Gate connecting A to C that unlocks on C cap now also works as a one-way gate into A prior to A being capped

    -Added one-way route from under A bridge to right near the point that unlocks when the cart reaches the doorway into the B building (this is indicated by a set of star decals at the door and at the point on the track)
    -Made pipe ramp up to defense ledge in B building into a more obvious ramp

    -Added glass window to cover building just outside the upper exit from B
    -Changed pipe climbing into Queens (room w/ giant window) into a staircase to make route more obvious
    -Locked room with payload track connecting C to D until C is capped

    -General geometry changes, including larger balcony above payload track w/ see-through grate and adjusted defense-side battlements
    -Some decorative geometry changes, including skylight from Process/Gorge (will probably be changed to be unique later on if it isn't removed entirely)

    -Other stuff that I forgot idk lmao

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