Operandi A14

Alpine payload paying homage to Process and Gorge.

  1. Yeet


    -Adjusted RED spawn times, added forceinstantrespawns for RED to all points
    -Health and ammo overhaul (reduced number and sizes, shifted some locations)
    -All glass windows are now clear glass
    -Made easter eggs more apparent
    -Possibly more that I forgot

    -Made door into Dropdown from BLU spawn yard taller
    -Added staircase-to-highground route to B yard from Dropdown that unlocks on cap A
    -Opaque windows at Beacon are now clear glass instead (may be bad for optimization, we'll see)
    -Removed one-way route into BLU spawn yard entirely

    -Removed offense-centric ramp up to CP building's upper offense door, added short (shorter than headglitch) cover wall to balcony near where aforementioned ramp was
    -Added barrel to door that unlocks on cap A that connects A alcove to B yard
    -Replaced shutter on upper CP building door with door that unlocks on cap A

    -Added window to cover structure above Secret (Secret = where L-shaped sheet metal used to be)
    -Adjusted diagonal wall on the cliff to make the area near it less constricted
    -Removed shutter from doorway near the partially-opened windows
    -Removed shutter from doorway leading to the roof from Alphabet (room connecting D to A and C)

    -Adjusted railing window and added barrel to said window in Queens (room with the huge window)
    -Door linking D to Alphabet now locks on cap C instead of perma-opening on cap C
    -Added small balcony strip to wall near the yellow barrels
    -Adjusted cover near ramp leading up to door to Alphabet
    -Raised spawn area to height of the connecting balconies instead of being level with the upper floor (this should hopefully give RED a better holding spot while also forcing them to committing to blocking the payload)
    -Changed RED spawn exits to be like Borneo's (splitting ways instead of both forward), added a third longways spawn exit going into a new closet-like room connecting old balconies to new raised spawn platform

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